Robing & Assembly

Participating faculty are asked to go to the Faculty Robing Room (LG1, Room 1027, S. H. Ho Sports Hall) 30 minutes before the ceremony (i.e. 10:00am for Session 1 & 3, and 2:30pm for Session 2 & 4) to robe. Please arrive with your regalia. We recommend that you leave valuables in your office as there is no secure place leave laptops, briefcases or confidential files in the robing area.

Faculty members may wear their own or loaned regalia. Ordering of regalia will be done through your departments in mid October 2019.


The ceremony starts at 10:30am for Session 1 & 3 and 3:00pm for Session 2 & 4 (see event schedule). The Procession moves from the Sports Hall, along the edge of the Piazza, turns left at the center of the Atrium, and proceeds up the center aisle towards the stage. On mounting the stage, those on the left go up the tiers to their left-hand side, and those on the right to their right-hand side. The Official Party goes to the front row.

After ascending the stage, members of the Procession stand before their seats facing the Congregation. The Chairman takes his position at the front of the stage and the Mace-Bearer fixes the mace in position on the right side of the stage.

When all are in their places, the MC announces the playing of the National Anthem. When the music stops, the Chairman says, “I declare this Congregation open.” then takes his seat with the audience following suit.

PhD Hooding

PhD advisers will be arranged to hood students in the ceremony. PhD candidates of Interdisciplinary Programs Office, School of Engineering, School of Business and Management, School of Science, School of Humanities and Social Science will be hooded in pairs simultaneously. The final candidate will have single hooding, if necessary. Please view the following videos to familiarize yourselves with the related procedures across the stage.