Congregation will be back at Atrium

Dear Graduates,


As you all know, the Congregation is approaching. In view of the recent social unrest and occasional close down of the transportation network, colleagues of the University have spent lots of time exploring ways to make this important event run smoothly without disruption.


After we made the announcement last Friday (25 October) regarding the change of format and venue of our Congregation by breaking the event into more sessions and have them moved indoor this year, the University has received many responses urging a reconsideration of such decision.


We are aware that the Atrium is a special place dear to the hearts of our community and it is a center in our campus life, therefore we understand our graduates’ disappointment when we planned to move the Congregation to other indoor venues. But the prime reason that our University’s Council made such decision was to ensure that all our graduates and their guests be able to enjoy this special moment undisturbed.


In view of some episodes taking place on our own campus recently, there were substantial concerns about possible disruptions and even confrontations during the congregation. In addition, increase in the number of our graduates has also added to our consideration in addressing seating limitation within the atrium.


After reconsidering all factors, in particular, our graduates’ sentiment, the University’s Council has approved just now that this year’s ceremony will continue to be conducted in the Atrium as before. We will enhance security deployment on campus and liaise with public transportation operators to strengthen services.


Congregation is first and foremost for our graduates and their families. We urge all participants to help ensure that it will continue to be a memorable event for them. Any disruption to the proceedings, including the national anthem, or confrontation between individuals or groups would disgrace the solemn proceedings.


For those who would like to know the latest information about the Congregation arrangement, please check here:


Yours sincerely,

Wei Shyy, President

Organizing Committee of the 27th Congregation