Prof Wei SHYY

Distinguished guests, graduates, parents, friends and colleagues, 

Today is a joyous occasion for the HKUST community, families, and loved ones to celebrate what our graduates overcame to receive their hard-earned degrees as a result of hard work, commitment, and perseverance.

Class of 2019, your years at HKUST have been an intense and dedicated journey, one which I hope has helped you expand yourself intellectually and personally, and develop a greater sense of purpose in life. The qualification you receive today will empower you to make a positive difference no matter what your role is after graduation. The world is yours to make better.

Your achievements are the result of the concerted efforts of our faculty and staff, and your family and friends, who have dedicated themselves to nurture and unleash that potential in each of you during your studies, and also our alumni who have provided valuable support to help you get ready for the next level. In the future, it is your turn to help and support HKUST students as you are now part of our alumni family.

Graduation marks an ending of one chapter in your life and a beginning of another. The path that lies ahead may not always be smooth, but it’s important that you enjoy every step along the way. Your alma mater will always root for you during every victory and setback in your life and career.

I bid you adieu as you prepare to get a fresh start. Let’s stay in touch.

Thank you.